Stanford University

Stanford University Homepage

“It can’t just look perfect. It has to be perfect.”
~ Sahand – Icon Partner & Sr. Tech Lead.

Harmony between Symphony and Technology

Stanford University, one of the top academic institutions in the world, is renowned for its incredible legacy which extends well over a century. As is the case for many Ivy League schools, Stanford must evolve its brand and technology consistently to keep up with the demand of its user-base.

When Stanford contacted us, we first analyzed their existing infrastructure for its technology, look, feel, and compliance for expected future upgrade modules. Our task was to then take their current core, and re-architect their entire web presence. Icon rejuvenated and re-inspired Stanford’s key departments (Ethics and Law, Philosophy and Business) with a seamless CMS integration, clean layout, and improved inter-departmental staff and administrative intranet portal system.

After defining all requirements, Icon delivered training to Stanford staff on messaging boards, intranet best practices and user management. The result was system that Stanford could trust to both impress their evolving audience, and grow along with them.

Icon continues to work with leading brands like Stanford on an ongoing basis. Our mission is to help the top tier stay current, proactive, and ever expanding.