Who we are

"Geniuses are incredible people - No matter what direction they orient
themselves, they will achieve greatness through unification."

~ Sahand Izad, Icon founding partner.

Icon E-Business Solutions is a leading IT development and implementation firm specializing in Branding, Technology and Marketing. We combine novel approaches to create robust technological foundations, seamless integrations and flexible futures. All projects are completed to a world-class standard; Delivered on time, every time.

Icon is dedicated to creating great technology. A succession of bleeding-edge development capabilities and techniques has endured, inspired and cultivated our team for over 12 years. Along the way, we’ve established a long and glorious tradition of projects that have exceeded expectations without fail. We strive to continue raising the standards of architecture, design and development on an ever-evolving basis.

Icon engineers consistently re-evaluate the status quo, proving time and time again that a more efficient method can be derived in spite of perceived limitations. We adapt software to the characteristics of its intended application by providing branding, software development and marketing services for top-tier firms around the globe.

At Icon, clients are more like partners to us. We work closely with them to integrate substantial marketing campaigns and expansion programs perfectly on first execution. Our mission for all partners is to constantly introduce innovation, to integrate it successfully, and then spur growth dramatically.