“When your audience is a demographic with varying technological experience, it's of the utmost importance to make the experience as welcoming and natural as possible.”
~ Sahand Izad, Partner at Icon

The building blocks of CareSquare

CareSquare, a social network geared to bring safety, security and choice to the healthcare and social services industries, tasked us with architecting and implementing the core elements of their system. Icon gladly accepted the challenge, and immediately planned for granular definition. We set up their complete web structure: page layouts, branding elements, and both front and back-end implementation.

Once objectives were defined, Icon proceeded to design world-class creative, welcoming messaging and innovative third-party integrations. Most notably, Icon integrated a series of third party capabilities that enabled quick and seamless verification of candidate backgrounds and related security criteria: an attractive and advantageous offering for the intended industry.

The resulting CareSquare system yielded a beautiful ensemble of soft, welcoming visuals that complement an incredibly powerful infrastructure.