What we do


  • Turn complex into colorful. We follow the philosophy that an easy, enjoyable experience is always more likely to get buy-in from the audience. We research industry trends and deliver the most up-to-date look and feel.

  • We give your brand an identity. For us, there’s little difference between a billboard and a Facebook advertisement – Both require keeping the big picture in mind. Our branding teams keep the experience as consistent as possible across all media.

  • We create impressive visuals. Our artists create your work with leading-edge techniques and contemporary styles. We push artistic boundaries to create the next trend, and strive to create lasting experiences.

  • Yes, it’s really that simple. When creating product interfaces, we focus on familiarity. We strive to create minimalistic forms that are familiar the first time; always intriguing, vibrant and welcoming.

  • We design experiences. Icon enhances web and mobile experiences. We combine business needs with stunning visuals to engage an audience emotionally.


  • When in doubt: Test. Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product by testing it on users - A must-have for really expensive projects, as it delivers direct feedback on user interaction, adherence, and suggested areas of improvement. We test websites, applications, computer interfaces, layouts and devices.

  • Become a partner of Icon.  We are constantly creating and evolving our technology partnerships to extend our service offering.  With these partnerships, we offer our clients an increased amount of agility for their spending power.

  • Inspire the learning curve.  We understand that learning curves need a budge from time to time, and that’s why we help create communication channels that deliver the message quickly and efficiently.

  • We make programs unassailable.  Icon uses the latest and highest industry standards to ensure client and user security. We place equal importance on both aspects, because they are integral parts of a successful core business offering.

  • Subconscious IT maintenance. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, and immediate and dedicated attention to any critical hosting issues affecting your account. Our redundant hosting platforms provide a foundation that handles concurrent user demand like no other.

  • Turn on the LAMP.  Sometimes it helps to have LAMPs shedding light on your organization. When requested, we employ easy-to-code PHP and MySQL platforms with efficient hosting requirements.

  • Turn your database into a data fortress. We utilize database systems like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2, and copious others as a base for our clients. Our reports and speedy response times allow us to catch problems and troubleshoot incidents quickly.

  • We’re big on metrics. Without analytics, growing an online business is about as easy as navigating a ship through a thick fog.  We help clarify and automate those metrics to make the horizon as clear as possible.

  • Getting the right mix.  We help companies save hundreds and thousands of dollars in re-development costs by testing concepts before pursuing large-scale deployment.

  • Automate and integrate. Making systems and programs communicate with one another has never been easier. We create APIs and combine program capabilities into robust communication systems.

  • Online. Global. Service.  Ever altered the settings on your internal sales distribution system from your Android at a conference overseas? We create software and mobile systems that are accessible anywhere in the world with guaranteed up-time.

  • You dream. We implement. Our front-end development team implements the lightest, fastest code possible.  We program in every programming language, and optimize for all major devices on the market.


  • We play with the best toys in the digital playground.  We have content producers for TV, radio, print, and electronic media marketing (Web, Mobile, Apps, Devices). We do web blasts, targeted mobile ad and SMS campaigns, custom apps and digital signage.

  • Say hello to your little friends.  We create Facebook APIs and fan pages, bid for search terms, deploy Google Alerts, analyze twitter feeds, track rate of mention and perpetuate community discussion. Turn social experiments into database-building machines.

  • Print, ship, share. If it has dimension, texture, and color - We can create it. From posters to CPG, we work with a wide variety of suppliers and distributors who compliment our services.

  • Discover direction. Enhance the core.  When it comes to technology, it helps to have a clear understanding of your marketing goals before designing an outreach strategy. That’s why we focus on discovering what you do best; then use our technological expertise to enhance that core. We combine our industry knowledge with your unique performance indicators to yield sustainable, long-term solutions.

  • Move more product. We get your product offering into the hands of those that want it by creating smart, intuitive and enjoyable online shopping experiences. Increasing weekly plateaus can be this easy.

  • Tap them on the shoulder. ICON’s holistic approach reaches your audience through multiple channels. email, direct mail, social media, catalogs, online advertising, and traditional media. We make it track-able, measurable and efficient regardless of medium.  Well-executed direct marketing campaigns can offer ROI that justifies itself immediately

Our partners