San Francisco Symphony

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“We give you a steering wheel, then provide horsepower and a roadmap.”
~ Steve Beaulac, Partner at Icon

Harmony between Symphony and Technology

The San Francisco Symphony (SFS) is an institution dedicated to exploring and maintaining the peak of musical culture in North America. Their passion is fuelled by a strong online web presence: a compelling and advanced e-commerce experience.

Our challenge was to design and implement a complete e-commerce platform to serve visitors of the SFS website – A mixed demographic of sophisticated, mature music-lovers with moderate experience interacting with new technology.

To cater to this audience, SFS required an easy to use front-end that conformed with their prior look and feel, and a powerful e-commerce engine to drive online revenues. Icon created a robust platform that tied existing front-end components, user databases and marketing initiatives into one beautiful, easy to use system. We not only satisfied the initial requirements; we took it one level further by introducing robust verification processes and fraud-prevention features to secure their online offering. The result was a dynamic, warm and inviting online environment for the public, and a powerful business tool for the Symphony.

Icon currently maintains and upgrades the San Francisco e-commerce system on a regular basis. Our goal is to help the San Francisco Symphony grow their technology offering naturally, efficiently and effectively.