DeWalt Tools

"As with all partners, our aim with DeWalt was to help them continue pushing the boundaries of technology and communication. We succeeded."
Sahand Izad, Partner at Icon.

Drilling down to details

DeWalt is an industry-leading construction equipment manufacturer. Their brand is a staple of confidence and reliability in the building industry: A testament to their decades of production excellence.

When DeWalt contacted us, they required significant improvements to their online presence, product catalogs, and company branding. Most importantly, DeWalt needed a complete re-architecture of their inventory system, hoping to integrate thousands of SKUs in hundreds of locations across the country via a custom e-commerce platform.

Icon analyzed DeWalt’s existing systems and inventory management practices. After defining and designing project requirements, we created an ensemble of innovative marketing and e-commerce functionalities that integrated seamlessly with intuitive layouts and stunning visuals. Our custom interfaces were designed to efficiently deliver information site-wide, and featured up-to-the-minute inventory reports. Most notably, Icon created and implemented a “Locate Nearest Product” feature, which allowed visitors to geo-locate and reserve hardware in real time.

Icon continues to work with leading companies like DeWalt to help remove barriers to innovation. Our partners value our technological insight, because it allows them to focus efforts on the business they know best.