“Regardless of the industry type, technology and outbound communication are two major factors for long-term growth. Their consistent, targeted evolution is critical.”
~ Aru, Icon Sr. Developer

Adding inspiration to Brand.

Alcos, an international manufacturer of sophisticated coil processing equipment, has a market presence that exudes precision, fortitude and professionalism.

Alcos needed a team that could deliver a relevant, familiar and complimentary experience for their online brand to their international audience of suppliers, distributors and customers. To meet their needs, Icon digested libraries of content, images and existing elements to develop an online infrastructure. We made it easy for Alcos management to maintain control of when and where content was published, and updated video reels and other digital media to match.

Alcos now has a revitalized image to match their impressive international presence. Icon continues to work with Alcos to ensure they’re consistently ahead of the curve.